The first thing you are going to need is a t-shirt design. Our Design Studio is pre-loaded with 1000's of templates & design elements or you can upload your own artwork.

Start by choosing your product. There is an assortment of t-shirts, hoodies, & other apparel along with several color options to choose from. The price displayed by each product is the base cost of the shirt before printing costs. This price should be taken into consideration when choosing a product to help determine what your sell price & profit will be.

When you are finished with your design, click the SAVE button and give your design a name. You will then be taken to the next step, Create your Rally. If you do not want to create your Rally at this point, you can view all of your saved designs in your control panel and create your Rally from there at any time.

Design Studio Features
  • Custom Templates
  • Library of Design Elements
  • Hundreds of Fonts
  • Font Effects (Curve, Arch & more)
  • Upload Your Own Artwork


Here you can choose a template to customize or design elements to create your own unique design.


Print Location

Allows you to switch between the front and back side of your shirt. Choose one location or print on both sides.


Add Text

Add your own text choosing from 100's of different fonts. Your text can then be styled to create a unique design.


Upload Image

Have your own artwork you would like to use? No problem. Use this feature to upload your art into our designer.


Create Rally

Now that you have your shirt designed it is time to create your Rally. This is where you enter all your Rally information, apparel options, and pricing.

Rally Title: The title of your Rally should be short and to the point. Your title can be no longer than 60 characters.

Rally Description: Here is where you can go into more detail about your Rally. This area can contain formatted text, links, and images. The description can be no longer than 1600 characters, but no worries, we will keep track of that for you and let you know if it is too long.

Rally Length: This is the number of days your Rally will run once it has been launched. Launching your Rally is covered in the next section.

Rally Address: Your Rally address is the link to your Rally page. Each Rally address must be unique. This address will be used to share & promote your Rally so try to keep it short and easy to remember.

Now for the fun part. In this section of the form you setup your pricing & see your estimated profits.

Shirt Quantity: This field is controlled by the slider above it. Set it to the number of shirts you would like to sell. You want to keep this number reasonable so that your Rally goal does not seem unreachable to potential supporters.

Sell Price: It's all about The Benjamins. This price determines your profits. When you adjust the price you will be shown your profit for each shirt sale below it as well an estimated total profit above it based on the shirt quantity you chose.

Apparel: Here you can add additional shirt colors. You can choose up to 3 shirt colors. Click the Add Color link and all the colors available will be displayed. Choose wisely, if your design is black, you do not want to offer black shirts.

Add Apparel: Want to sell on t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies? You can! Each Rally can include 3 different apparel types. Just click the Add Apparel link and choose the additional apparel you would like to sell.

Create Rally
Create Rally

Almost done now. Just a couple optional items and you are ready to click the big green button.

Display Options: Our system displays the front of your shirt by default. However, if your shirt is a back design only or on both sides and you want to display the back of the shirt as the default image, just check this box. Easy as that.

Shipping Options: If you would like the option of distributing shirts yourself, you can check this box and we will send you the shirts. You will need to fill in your shipping address and create a message to the buyers letting them know when and where they can pickup their shirts. Buyers will still have the option of having the shirt shipped to them if they choose to pay for shipping.

Create Your Rally: That is it, you are done. Click the big green button to create your Rally.


You are now set to launch your Rally. The image below shows the Rally you just created displayed in the 'View Rallies' section of your control panel.

Create Rally
Create Rally

This is the button you want to click to launch your Rally. Once clicked your Rally goes live, the countdown begins, and the launch button now becomes a View Rally button as shown below.

Create Rally

The edit button allows you to edit your Rally title, description, and length. This can only be done before your Rally is launched. Once the Rally is launched this button is disabled.

Create Rally

If needed you can delete your Rally. Again, this can only be done before it is launched. Also, this does not delete your shirt design, your design is still available to start another Rally.

Congrats! Your Rally is launched. Click the View Rally button to go to your Rally page.
Create Rally